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Trinity 3D is a part of the parent company Trinity Media & Marketing Solutions. We are consultants acting as a CATALYST between end users and the service providers in 3D Printing. TRINITY 3D is a functionary working with 3D PRINTING WORLD COMMUNITY CLUB - ASSOCIATE MEMBERS to identify their area of expertise to propose their services to the end users requiring the adequate support. The process is done by taking a brief from our clients to ensure the right solution is offered as per their business requirement to avoid wastages and the right offering. We work with our Partners from different technology as services who are Registered with us as 3D - PRINTING WORLD COMMUNITY CLUB - ASSOCIATE MEMBERS. The process is a win win for both the clients and the partners work inconfluence with us a team. This also ensures our commitment to be an end to end solution provider for the seeker offering the correct options.


Art & Lifestyle


Trinity 3D offers customized prototyping solutions for all the sectors.

The process includes -

  • Sharing a concept.
  • Creating the design in 2 D
  • Formulating it in the 3D Software
  • Preparing a virtual 3D Model
  • Converting it to STL file
  • Printing

Sectors -

  • Medical – Dental, Maxillofacial, Orthopedics,
  • Aerospace
  • Automobile
  • Engineering
  • Architecture
  • Art & Entertainment
  • Design & Manufacturing
  • Education


Apart from the above since we come with a strong media background we assist the 3D printing companies - ( 3D Printer Manufacturers, 3D printing Service providers, 3D Software Cos, 3D Scanner Cos, Resellers, Distributors and others looking for propagating their brand with assistance in Media, PR, Strategic business inputs, referrals, investor support, client assessment and marketing support.

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